How To Take Your Local Business Online

The internet is another side of our world that a lot of people are currently getting used to. It has created employment opportunities for a lot of people all over the world and has also been able to alter the medieval structure of local businesses. But still, a lot of local business entrepreneurs are yet to fully understand the benefits of advertising a business on the web.

I think this is because some of these local entrepreneurs don’t actually know how to take their business online, they just don’t know where to start from. They have become so used to their local means of advertising that they easily over look the power of the internet and the possibilities it can bring to their business in terms of marketing.

The web brings the whole world to you no matter where you are. You can start taking advantage of the web to advertise your local business to people in your city, country and even those that are abroad. The internet gives you a much bigger pool of customers to draw from. Thanks to the web, you can now easily advertise your local business to anybody with a Computer or Internet-Enabled mobile phone.

If you are a local business entrepreneur and you are interested in taking your business to the next level with the power of internet advertising, here are some key points that can help you achieve this.

Article Marketing

Article marketing works for both online and offline businesses. Article marketing gives you the ability to build an audience (your readers) that you can later introduce to your business. When you are done with writing a quality article your next step is to make it available on the web so that people can read it, a good way to do this is to submit each article to a free article submission directory like EzineArticles. Once your article is published, it becomes visible and anybody can read it. Always take advantage of the Author Info section (normally at the bottom of your article) to introduce your business to your readers.

Article marketing is a very nice way to take your business online. Always try as much as possible to write informative articles that can inspire your readers and they will love to know more about your business.


This option is also similar to Article Marketing, the only difference is that you are the owner of the platform where you will be giving out information about your business. Building a website for your business is one of the best and most effective method to expose it on the web. You can write about anything that is related to your business and post it on your website. More visitors to your website will also mean more customers to your business and more sales. Creating a website for your business will surely take it to a whole new level and I urge every entrepreneur to start taking this step.

Online Classifieds

Have you ever placed a promotional advert on local newspapers/magazines? Then you should know how expensive such adverts can be. There are a lot of free platforms on the web where you can place similar adverts for free and Craigslist is one of such. Online classified ads are much the same as your local adverts, just that they are FREE and can also deliver better results.

Starting My Own Business Online – Are Free Websites Ever OK?

Would you say “I am interested in starting my own business online”? Maybe you already have an offline business of some sort but have yet to take it online. On the other hand, you might be at least thinking over the notion of starting your own business online. Either way, you want to avoid free websites and be sure to invest in your very own website.

Why free websites are bad:

  • you often cannot put your own ads there or conduct any ecommerce
  • most of the time, you are required to have a subdomain in your URL (such as instead of – this does not make you look professional
  • you may have to deal with someone else putting ads on your website – where you often don’t get any share of revenue

Why investing in your own website really pays off:

  • this gives you a more professional appearance – your customers will see that you mean business
  • you have full control over what you put on your website
  • this is essential if you plan on conducting any ecommerce or online business
  • your website could act as your “24/7 salesperson” that never takes a break, never calls in sick, and never asks for a raise – questions regarding what you do, where you are located, etc., could easily be answered by your website
  • overall it’s like owning your own piece of online real estate where you can do just about anything you want with your online space without the restrictions of a free website service

After saying “I’m starting my own business online,” you could possibly get away with using a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter page to make yourself known online. However, just keep in mind that if you really want to impress your customers and see success over the long haul, then you’ll want to invest in your own website.

How much does it cost to set up your own website?

  • registering your domain – – typically costs $10 – $20 per year
  • establishing your own hosting account – the company that “hosts” online space for your domain – typically costs $120 – $360 per year (or $10 – $30 per month depending on what features you need)
  • if you hire a designer, it can cost somewhere between $100 – $800
  • if you prefer to build it yourself, most experts recommend using the WordPress platform because you don’t need to know any special coding or computer languages – most hosting companies can help you with setting your website with WordPress

Whether you decide to hire a designer or do it yourself, the key point is to get your business online. A business without a website is just as bad as a business without a phone.

5 Helpful Tips to Do Business Online

Running an online business may not be easy as ABC as you have to stand out among other websites in search engines. You simply need influential online presence so your business is visible all year round. What is good about doing business online is having less investment. You just have to build a distinguished website that is user friendly and that customers find your products useful to their daily needs.

Tip #1: Offer Something Valuable to Customers

If you choose to install an online business, your market can reach worldwide consumers. However, this is not enough as you have to know your competition and what they are selling. You may think that setting up a website with great products is enough to draw attention from potential customers. You need to ensure you are offering better high quality products that are only offered in your store and beneficial to their needs. You must provide customers reason to choose your online shop and not those of your competition.

Tip #2: Choose a Good Domain Name and a Trusted Web Hosting Service

Before you setup your business online, always remember to register it according to your state’s laws. Certainly, you want your online store to maximize its full potentials. Once done, you have to choose a good domain name that is short and catchy to be easily remembered by users.

If you wish to operate 24/7, research and analyze all options for a trusted web hosting service. Certainly, there are free web hosting services, but as you are serious with this business, you need a paid service that keeps your site running the whole year. Hosting services are highly structured to have you utilize their templates to design your own website, or you may choose to program yourself for greater flexibility.

Tip #3: Monitor your Website

If you have installed a new website, you need to monitor the network for possible errors. You definitely want an error-free program to make potential users move with no difficulty. Your site should be running fast where customers find everything they need. They don’t have to move to the next competition as things are right here in this shop.

Ensure the workflow in your website is running as expected. Most critical pages are the homepage, the online shop and most visited product pages. You also need to ensure you installed a safe and reliable ecommerce software and merchant account for smooth flow of payments and delivery.

Tip #4: Build Rapport with Customers and Those Who Visit Your Online Business

It took you a lot of time to build your online business and building trust from customers can be difficult. As a good owner of this website, you need to build a relationship with previous, current and future customers. Build a rapport with them so you teach them to trust your business, and therefore provide them an option to patronize your products. You may add customer-service section in your website for customers to get the required information about the products you sell. You may also ask them for feedbacks or offer them special deals to perk their interests.

Tip #5: Drawing Website Traffic and Tracking Campaigns

As you know you have installed a reliable virtual store, the next step is drawing website traffic. You may choose a paid service such as search engine optimization. This method increases your ranks in search engines to easily attract more online users to come to your website.

Aside from website traffic, you need skills to track your campaigns. This will allow you to monitor the number of people coming and supporting your site. If you know how to track campaigns, you know which advertising campaigns are working or not. You can then choose profitable campaigns over those simply losing your money. Once you understand these methods, you discontinue ineffective campaigns and thus earn more sales.

These five helpful tips make your dream of establishing an online business run successfully. If you plan on making money online, it is indeed challenging from the start. But all the efforts are paid off once you see your website fully launched and generating income.

How To Start A Home Based Business Online – 7 Steps To Online Success

Briefly, here are the 7 steps needed for online success:

1. Keyword Searches

2. Traffic

3. Capture Pages

4. Autoresponders

5. Teleconferences

6. Prospecting Scripts

7. Closing Scripts

Key Word Searches- The reason you found this article is because you searched on a key word or phrase like “how to start a home based business online” and this article showed up in the list of things to read. So the first thing is to identify the key words and phrases that identify your market. More specifically, people search the web daily to solve problems. You want to position yourself as an expert to solve their problem.

Traffic- Traffic refers to people searching the web and finding your article or web page. Like foot traffic in the door of a retail store, you want traffic to visit your site. There are 4 ways to get traffic.

1. Write articles like this one. Folks find the article and if it interests them, they may click on the URL at the bottom of the article for more information.

2. Solo-ads. These are emails that are sent to people recommending your product or service. People are much more likely to take action when you recommend a product or service to them. Same goes for your online product or service.

3. Pay Per Click. This is paid advertising where you pay Google, Yahoo, or Facebook to post your ad. Basically the provider charges you for each click. This can get very expensive, but it can also be the most productive

4. Purchase Leads. You can buy leads (people who are looking for specific information) and send emails directly to them. However, be mindful to not be sending spam or unwanted information.

Capture Pages- sometimes known as a squeeze page, it’s a one page website that provides a unique FREE offer in exchange for your name and email address. You get the offer when you sign up or opt-in.

Autoresponders- An autoresponder is a program that sends a series of pre-written emails to those who opted in (prospect) through your capture page. The initial emails welcome the prospect and provide the free, promised information. Further emails entice the prospect to take action like call your teleconference or to buy your product or service.

Teleconferences- A teleconference is a pre-recorded audio of you talking about your product or service. It’s used to screen folks before you talk to them on the phone. If they like what they hear, often times they call you!

Prospecting and Closing Scripts- Probably one of the most overlooked segments of this process. You need to craft what you are going to say before you talk to the new prospects and before you close the deal. You need to sound like and be the expert. A script is the perfect way to do just that.

Online businesses are work, but consistent effort pays off. Following these steps can get you online inexpensively and successfully.

Benefits Of Doing Business Online

Day-to-day jobs, whether loved or hated by an employee, are the new hindrance of the modern working world. Why, you ask? Because your revenue can only be made during the day while on-foot! Time is money, and there are reasonably twelve hours or less in a workday with five days a week, on average. For every stressed college student, housewife, or full-time employee, there emerges the tired saying “twenty-four hours in a day just isn’t enough”. Working, eating, sleeping, taking care of schoolwork or children: when does it end, and where’s the money to take care of it all? It seems that there’s never enough. Running a company or working for one entails paying people for how many hours they work, but energy output that corresponds with the average business day doesn’t seem to suffice. Instead of putting in overtime or coming up with fruitless business gimmicks, the modern key to success actually lies in sitting down at the computer.

Many tycoons have taken ownership of the world of online business, but there’s still plenty of room for you on the playing field! Innovations such as PayPal, Google Wallet, and other outlets have put the Internet spending power into the hands of consumers who love the relaxing relief of being able to find what they need online, whether their destination lie in an important asset or a pair of jeans. It’s your job to take advantage of that-save time, money, and effort by establishing your own startup online business. Online businesses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year: no amount of exhausting overtime can top that kind of success! Tired customers will find comfort and utilize little effort to make use of your offerings while in their own home, on their own time to make smart investments. No more of those gimmicks or pulling together difficult charts to display what’s what: online marketing is cheap and traffic/sales demographics are easily calculated and displayed so that you know which ventures are most successful. Accessibility of communication between you and a customer are greatly improved as well, particularly in a flexible online setting. As a matter of fact, not starting an online business is a time-sensitive risk, as consumers are increasingly dependent on finding what they need online. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s environment-friendly: your company or startup business idea can become a buzzing, contemporary hit after following a few easy steps.

Seem overwhelming, complicated and expensive? It doesn’t have to be! Starting an online business, with careful attentiveness and time, can become the best investment you’ve ever made. Having access to customers around the world at any given time and being aware of their preferences is an invaluable resource of both better business knowledge and your personal income. Many resources, videos, free e-books, and guides are online to help you on your journey toward success while you sleep.

5 Trends That Are Setting Pace For Business Online In 2016

The internet has become quite as unpredictable and ever-changing as it has always been. Moreover, with the advent of new technology, hardware, and applications, the internet is spreading it’s ‘tentacles’ even more in various aspects as it relates to doing business online. If you run a business and you have not yet started searching for a way to benefit from all this, then what are you waiting for? These changes in technology determine many of the far-reaching changes that take place in many businesses around the world. Don’t be misled into believing it’s only small business owners and self-employed web entrepreneurs that are missing out. Some of the largest businesses all over the world with enormous funds and work force are ‘squandering’ their chances to capitalise on these changes which are happening.

If you’re reading this, it means you want to keep up with internet trends that affects business online. So, go ahead and shut down your email and ignore your phone for some minutes, and pay serious attention because you’re about to learn some of the crucial changes taking place now and those which are set to take place in the near future, needless to say.

1. Video Advertising Will Start to Take Over

You must have seen those small ads on the side of Bing search bar or the Google search bar – the sponsored advertising which are only text based and not always attention-grabbing. Well, it’s safe to say that while they aren’t going to vanish anytime soon, they’re going to be ignored by many marketers who are searching for a better means to connect with their crowd. We are referring to video advertising here. Video advertisements are definitely nothing new, with social stations like YouTube dedicated to hosting billions of videos and marketing platforms such as Bing and Facebook offering video options to advertisers. With IN-SERP video advertisements running on the Google, it looks like everyone will be getting joining this type of promotion before long. The possibilities are endless, so anticipate a substantial increase of video advertising coming from businesses and definitely entrepreneurs looking for a wider reach for their business online.

2. Mobile devices will dominate desktop computers

This might appear like an empty claim, but you will be very wrong if you ever imagine that, even for a minute! 2015 recorded a substantial growth in the use of mobile browsers to access websites and this growth will keep increasing. Not only was desktop computer traffic taken over by mobile traffic, additionally they released a brand new algorithm upgrade which phased out websites that aren’t optimized for mobile browsing. This is a tremendous move towards mobile sites. More still, Google are saying that, as an online business owner, you must have a mobile friendly website. This tells you how important mobile traffic is for website owners. Google is probably banking on the fact that in the long run, desktop computer traffic will cease to exist and mobile traffic will completely take over. Nevertheless, whichever way things are going at the moment, you have to know that in the coming years, business online will be carried out primarily though mobile devices.

3. Indexing of apps will bring about mass app development

Google has provided indexing of apps for quite some time now, however as the search engine position for apps become more sophisticated, many businesses will come to recognise the chances of more exposure for their businesses online. Apps can virtually do anything that any website can do. This is not saying that they are going to replace websites completely, however they’re definitely setting the pace for another medium in 2016 and beyond. You might have to invest in an app as times goes on, because if not, you will be leaving a lot of traffic for your competitors.

4. Digital Assistants Will Bring About New Optimization

Digital assistance such as Cortana, Siri and even Google Now were created to assist us when we are trying to find things online, thereby making internet search a breeze. Undoubtedly, traditional SEO techniques and PPC marketing are the most popular right now as it pertains to making your website known to a lot of people from many part of the world. However, the entrant of these assistants will lead to a fresh type of optimization and you need to start considering it. Here is what you have to do – think of ways to make your websites’ contents easily accessible to these digital assistants. Agreed, these assistants do make use of Google search to deliver their search results, however if you want to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to doing business online, you will need to optimize things a little bit different from the way you use to do it.

5. Wearable technology

This may be somewhat farther in the future than the other trends, however, it’s not that far off. Technology like the smart watches will change online business for a long time. The chances to advertise through these smart, wearable devices will be endless. Shortly they are going to become household devices like the desktop computers and laptops before them. Be ready for a whole new world of marketing platform when that finally happens. This might be a little bit further in the future though.

How to Launch Your Business Online

Having an Online Business is essential in order to expand Geographically and gain a Competitive Advantage. Whether you have an existing business or just starting a brand new one, I will be discussing what you should be doing to Leverage your Online Business.


Purchasing a domain and launching a website is the first stage when starting your online expedition. Your will start to generate traffic to your website so that you can build your business brand. You should consider finding professional themes and plugins that will enhance the functionality of your website. You should also create a landing page to gain Leads or email subscribers that you can follow up on.


Targeting your audience or niche is going to be the most important aspect to apply in order to actually make sales. You need to find out who are your audience, what do they want, what search queries they make, where do they hang out online, how do they think and why would they purchase from your business.

“If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody”.

Learning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also crucial when trying to rank for a higher place on the search engines. You will need to understand what kind of keywords your audience are searching for, and if there is a lot of competition for that particular keyword used. As a small to medium sized business you may want to be using Long Tail Keywords. These keywords have a longer chain of words so that there is less competition when ranking on search engines.


Social Media Marketing is where you engage in social media to leverage your marketing power. People are constantly on social media where they communicate and have discussions. Developing your presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will allow you to engage with communities. You are essentially building the authenticity and trust of your business. People will start to take notice of and respect what you are doing in the market place. Not to mention there are so many great opportunities on social media that will take you by surprise.

So now you know the key concepts of launching your business online. The first concept is launching a professional website. The second concept is to make sure you understand who you market is so you are targeting the right people. Lastly the third concept is engaging in social media to leverage your marketing power. And these are the fundamentals on how to launch your business online.

The Importance Of Getting Your Business Online

According to officially released statistics from the British Retail Consortium, the 2013 holiday period saw a fantastic increase in sales for online retailers, with the same occurring in the New Year however, unfortunately as expected in today’s online world; the high street brick and mortar stores struggled to match these figures.

Thanks to the increasing developments in mobile marketing and as a society, our constant need to connect to the internet; online shopping is now very much second nature. Yet despite this natural shift, an increasing number of small businesses have yet to take a step into the online market.

Despite the increasing power of the internet, many business owners struggle to embrace the notion of online marketing but with the figures speaking for themselves; neglecting this could potentially be disastrous.

For those new to the online platform and unsure where to begin, below are the top steps to consider which, whatever you business, size and budget; are sure to help you make a much-needed marketing bang…

  • Website- The first point of call for your online customers will be your website so it is important that you get this right. Whether you wish to have a standard website advertising promoting your brand and services or a e-commerce website allowing customers to make direct purchases, there are several options available to you. From free WordPress templates to bespoke websites from professional design agencies, a well structured website can be a great way to drive interest for your business.
  • Social Media- Whether we want to admit it or not, we live in a socially dependent society where Twitter and Facebook have become the twenty-first century call centres and prime links between a business and their customers. Getting socially active is incredibly important and as subsequently free platforms; you can build your brand without so much as touching your budget.
  • Offsite Advertising- Advertising, particularly pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is considered one of the most beneficial and promising ways for any business to promote itself. Often a foolproof way to drive quality traffic to your website, PPC advertising is an ideal way to speedily increase your customer base and sales however it is a tricky business so you made need some advice from a dedicated professional to ensure your budget does not dwindle.
  • Email Newsletters- As a typical girl I love nothing more than shopping which is why I get quite excited when my favourite retail stores email me with the latest offers and some special discounts. Email marketing is a fantastic way to further increase your brand and is a great way to support all of the other areas of online marketing you may have been undertaking. With great email platforms like Mail Chimp, you can also track the success rate of every email you send so you can ensure you spend the right time and effort on the right areas.

Whether you are stuck in your ways or fearful of the budget you may have to spend; getting online couldn’t be easier and more beneficial, so whatever your budget may actually be; there is great potential.

We are an online world so get your business online too or risk falling behind.

Email Marketing (List Building): Starting a Small Business Online

Starting a small business online is not as complicated as most people are meant to believe.

In fact, the internet is an ocean of opportunities for all.

Though your success is not guaranteed, at least there is a high chance of growing your venture if you get a few things right.

The problem with most start-ups is the hunger for overnight success.

Most successful businesses today were started by people who dared to dream and think big.

If you have a passion for business, feel free to pursue it and you will make it.

The ingredients to your success may vary, but it all starts with the nature and future plans of your business.

To get started, build a mailing list for effective email marketing.

No Restrictions

There are no limitations and stringent requirements for starting a small business online.

Under normal circumstances, you will be required to comply with a long list of government regulations, register the business, acquire a permit or license, have the business premise inspected and much more.

This is however not the case with online businesses; you can get started in a few hours from the time you make up your mind that it is something you truly want to do.

You are not restricted to any geographical area because you can target anyone in the world.

In short, anyone is a prospect on the internet; the possibilities for your success are unlimited.

It is upon you to exploit them.

Identify a Niche Or Product You Are Passionate About

Before starting a small business online it is paramount that you identify a niche you are comfortable with.

Ideally, go for something you have some passion for and not just because of the money.

Successful businesses are built on a solid foundation of passion and love for what you do.

Save yourself the hassle and find a product or a service you wouldn’t mind offering twenty years later.

Think about Bill Gates and his passion for computers and software.

See the passion Mark Zuckerberg shows whenever he talks about his toy project that has changed how the world interacts online, Facebook.

How about the late Steve Jobs whose legacy will live with us forever with world-class Apple products.

The Market Availability

One of the most important areas you must consider before starting a small business online is the market availability.

A simple Google search is enough to enable you understand what can really sell.

There are many business ideas, but not all will live to see the following year.

If there is demand for a service or product, seek to fill that gap and you will forever be in business.

Website and Marketing

Your website is your shop or office.

Start by designing a website and filling it with content.

This should be done long before the business is launched.

A small investment is all you need to have a website designed and hosted.

Thereafter, start exploring various internet marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, article marketing and an array of other available avenues to announce your arrival.

Finally, don’t get comfortable when you eventually start recording sales.

The business has just started, have an expansion plan.

Just because you are starting a small business doesn’t mean you have to remain small.

Stay focused and keep growing your business until it can sustain itself with minimal upkeep from you.

With the internet and email marketing you can automate your business and let the system work for you.

Best wishes!

Building a Part-Time Business Online Business From Home: Why a 70% Failure Rate?

You may have heard that only about 5% of network marketers in any industry will succeed in their business, and about only 30% of online entrepreneurs become successful. Given these statistics, along with idea that MOST successful network marketers started their business really CRUSHING IT… working 12 to 18 hour days…


If you’re looking into building a business online from home, there are first a few things you need to be aware of…

Don’t count on the three people you recruit to get their three and those just magically send more money passed up to you!

The people who have made it successful in this business actually go forward with the attitude that they expect NOBODY to succeed in working the business.

And, if you’re worried about asking people to buy into your opportunity because you’re afraid they might be “wasting their money”, you just have to let it go.

Personally, I believe that ANYONE CAN MAKE it, if they just try. But you’d really be SURPRISED just how many people WON’T EVEN TRY!

You can’t make them. All you can do is give them the opportunity and point them in the right direction.

This is NOT to say that I advocate in any way leaving someone high and dry. Actually, this is the beauty of online marketing. Now, for the FIRST TIME EVER, you don’t have to be an expert to become successful in your part-time online business.

There are teams of professional entrepreneurs ready and willing to help you… so all your sponsor need do “hook you up” with the team. The helpful Facebook groups today are available to answer questions 24/7, and most teams conduct weekly “hangouts” where all you need do is watch, learn and implement.

Why then do people just CHOOSE to not even try?

Some of my downline won’t even do as much as plug into the Facebook group – even after I’ve sent them a screen capture of all the team members welcoming them into the group!

Actually, I think it boils down to two things: Fear of failure, and fear of success.
Of, of course, they’ll tell you it’s something else… They were swamped at their job and came home with no energy… or they just don’t have the money to invest in marketing… or maybe they just KNOW A BETTER WAY, and refuse to listen to the millionaires on the team hangouts giving advice!

And, I was guilty of making these excuses. But once I started being honest with myself, I realized I was coming from a “scarcity” mindset… I was actually subconsciously PUSHING PEOPLE AWAY from my business because I didn’t want them to waste their money!

People who have become successful with the field of part-time business online realize that being cheap with yourself will keep you broke. And, what’s more, having that same cheap mindset for others will keep them broke! You’re not doing anyone any favors by telling them to not invest in their business.

The idea of how to become a successful entrepreneur in a PART TIME business from home begins with being willing to “waste” a little money. If you notice, the successful entrepreneurs around you have all “wasted” their money as they grow their business.

But the difference is they don’t look at it that way.

In their words, they “invested in their education” by learning what kind of marketing works, and what kind doesn’t work.

Here’s the thing: You can probably make it as a successful entrepreneur in a part- time business opportunity of you invest ALL YOUR TIME – really crushing it – like the old-time network marketers did…

OR, you can actually become successful PART TIME ONLINE by investing your money.

I never used to be an advocate of paid marketing… because I just “couldn’t afford” to waste any money. But now I’m realizing the truth…

… If I’m continuing to work a 40 hour a week job and only have two hours a day to devote to my business, I just can’t afford NOT to take a portion of money and devote it to marketing.